Apple Store down – new product on the way? (updated)It looks like Apple might have something in store for us today – the online Apple store has been reported to have been taken offline, something the company does each time before they add a new product to its online store. The folks over at Gizmodo have reported that they’re seeing the “We’re Updating the Store” message but it doesn’t seem to be loading for me.

If the store’s downtime is due to a problem with the server then this is probably just a false alarm, but if the site was taken down on purpose, we should be expecting a new product when it comes back up. Check back in a few hours, we’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, can you think of what product Apple might be announcing today?

Update (3.22PM PT): Turns out that there was nothing new added to the site. I guess it was just a glitch or maintenance. The Apple Store is now back online.

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