HP’s TouchPad did not make it past the 50 day mark on the market, kicking the figurative bucket a day short of that figure. Don’t you think that it is rather strange that a huge company like HP, and an admittedly unpopular operating system in the form of the webOS, could not come together to make the TouchPad a popular tablet? As for Archos, this relatively smaller company is still hanging around, with their latest tablet – the Archos A80S, hitting the FCC.

The FCC filing did not reveal anything much though, apart from the name of the tablet itself. We do know that it will sport Wi-Fi b/g/n connectivity, but apart from that, there is nothing else that you are able to glean from the product’s filings.

The recently released Archos 80 G9 and Archos 101 G9 did come with dual-core processors alongside Android as the operating system of choice, so chances are the Archos A80S will be the same as well. Ever wondered what would have happened if HP’s TouchPad had run along with Android instead of webOS?

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