Talking on the phone while you’re driving is a big no-no, and if you’re going to text, that is an even bigger infringement of road rules. AT&T, the largest mobile carrier in the US, intends to lower the temptation to text while driving by introducing their very own AT&T DriveMode mobile application. Once you have downloaded and activated this app, it will send a customizable reply to incoming texts automatically, letting whoever is trying to ping you know that your hands are full navigating rush hour traffic to reach the office on time.

Guess the “out-of-office” email alert has just gotten an “upgrade” of sorts to the world of mobile phones! You will be able to pick up this app for free through the AT&T AppCenter and BlackBerry App World stores, and efforts are being made to offer a wider range of support for the other operating systems down the road.

Parents can also set this app to disable the retrieval of emails and text messages when driving so that their teen will be able to give 100% concentration to what’s going on on the road. Anyone given it a go already, and how did you find it? [Press Release]

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