If you ask me, the innovation in automotive technology should have stopped at hybrids – after all, electric cars might have zero emissions, but do you know how inconvenient it is to juice up your vehicle? Woe to you if you have this million dollar deal the next morning that requires you to be at the office during rush hour, only for you to wake up and realize that your vehicle’s all out of power. At least with a hybrid, it can still get you to the office on time, and delivers the best of both worlds between electric and gas vehicles. Audi’s A4 might just come in a hybrid model when 2014 rolls around, sporting a rear-axle electric motor to boot, if rumors surrounding this model are correct.

What you see above is the 2011 Audi A4 model, but (if and) when the plug-in hybrid arrives, it will deliver an electric range of around 30km to 60 km (translated to roughly 19 to 37 miles) before it will kick it’s gasoline engine into action. Being a German marque, you can expect precision engineering as well as a slightly higher than normal price tag, but I would say it is worth every penny. Hopefully the US dollar would be worth something in three years’ time…

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