Automatic Mini Donut Factory lets you create donuts with ease

Unless you’re on a super healthy diet, chances are you may indulge in a donut every so often, or if you’re a huge fan of donuts and can’t get through the week without having one every other day, then you may want to consider investing in the Automatic Mini Donut Factory.

All it takes is some donut batter and some hot oil and the machine will produce miniature-sized donuts for your enjoyment. It even comes with a see-through window so your kids (or even yourself) can watch as your donuts happily cook away. The company is claiming that it should take about 90 seconds to make a batch of 30 miniature donuts which seems like a considerably shorter time than walking out to the nearby bakery.

If buying this mini donut factory seems like a great idea for home or for the office, you can get your hands on it here for just $150, which is $50 off the list price of $200. Just looking at the photo makes me hungry already!

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