Rich Decibels (this is just a handle of a real person) has a healthy interest in the subject and science of brainwave entrainment, and decided that there is no better way to learn more about it than to built such an entrainment device he can call his own. Just what is the “brainwave entrainment theory” all about? It involves the thought that low-frequency light and sound can be used to alter brain states, and is based on the assumption that the human brain will be able to change its frequency to correspond to dominant external stimulus. To put it mildly, brain entrainment intends to make your subject under an altered state of mind.

Rich went about his device by installing three LEDs into a set of goggles, making sure they are wired alongside a set of headphones to a laser-cut enclosure. The Brainwave Disruptor holds an Arduino which will handle light pattern generation in addition to bit-banged audio streams. It is said that Rich’s creation will cause visual and auditory hallucinations – without you being aware of the time, and I myself am curious to try out its level of effectiveness.

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