First, we have word of British Airways (BA) offering iPads for their passengers’ amusement and entertainment, perfect for those long haul flights especially when you’ve more or less watched all the movies that are being shown. Well, the airline is now involved in a trial that concerns the iPad 2 as an aid to inflight service.

BA actually distributed a hundred of these iPads to senior crew members who currently use them instead of the standard paper scrolls that list the passenger manifesto. After all, as there are around 300 passengers on the majority of flights, these manifestos can eventually end up to be around 10 meters in length – so an iPad would make much more sense since you can always keep on scrolling it downwards without having to trip over it halfway when walking through the aisles.

The iPads will carry information such as passenger preferences, meal options, the people whom they are sitting with, their Executive Club status as well as prior travel arrangements. According to BA, the use of the iPad is said to enhance efficiency, where the crew will then be able to deliver a far more personalised service. Do you think that other airlines will adopt a similar line of thinking?

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