China Unicom in the US, in talks with Apple about iPhone 5?There have been reports that executives from China Unicom have flown to the US and are in talks with Apple regarding the next-generation iPhone.

Given the popularity of the iPhone, it’s no surprise that just about every carrier in the world would love to be the one to carry the next-generation iPhone, and based on the success of the iPhone 4, we can only imagine that the iPhone 5 will be more successful, partly in thanks to all the hype and secretiveness that has been surrounding it.

The reports are also saying that apart from the talks, a contract would also be signed which would allow the China carrier to launch the iPhone 5 in China if and when it gets released. It also seems that China Unicom has set aside 1.5 billion yuan ($235 million) for marketing the iPhone 5.

It would actually be a smart move on Apple’s part to get the iPhone 5 launched in China asap, as in the past the iPhones have only managed to hit the China market several months after the US release. By getting an early head start in China, Apple could pre-empt fake iPhones or gray imports, which has diverted sales and hurt US launches in the past.

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