Comcast $10 broadband for low income familiesThe world’s economy is not a pretty sight at the moment – countries are getting butchered by the day due to overspending, and now would be a good time to start exercising prudence and making sure you are able to make the most out of your take home income. Comcast intends to do their bit by working in tandem with several metro Atlanta school districts in order to educate families on a new program which will deliver Internet access at a discounted rate to low-income students – to the tune of just $9.95 monthly.

Families who actually qualify under the rules and regulations of Comcast will be able to take advantage of broadband Internet for $9.95 each month – and to sweeten the deal, there will be no need for any activation fee, you save even more on modem rental and receive a voucher to help you buy a computer for $149.99. Nice move, Comcast – after all, it doesn’t make sense to have broadband connectivity but no computer to use, right?

It is said that this community program might eventually reach 374,000 students across 28 metro Atlanta school districts, and it is said that Comcast has no worries about the increase in subscribers to cause congestion on their network.

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