Microsoft’s Kinect is certainly an interesting piece of gaming engineering, especially when it tracks your entire body as a controller, and we have since seen plenty of people come up with different kinds of hacks for it. Well, one of the latest hacks involves the Kinect being used to control the Delta Robot.


In its current state, all three arms of the Delta Robot will enable it to perform a wide range of motions, where one of the more plausible applications would be to replace the joystick or directional pad that is used in those old school toy claw machines that you see at fun fairs and shopping centers. It might not put a smile on the face of operators at the establishments since it would make it easier to grab that prize, although I must say that just three “fingers” aren’t quite useful for picking up its slippery “prey”.

This Microsoft Kinect controlled Delta Robot is the brainchild of German Malte Ahlers, where he intends to have the robot pick up objects using gestures and body movements only. Interesting, no?

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