Eyeborg replaces eye with wireless video cameraRob Spence is a name that is famous among a handful of those who have been following his work, but for those who have not heard of him before, he is well know for the Eyeborg bionic eye. Spence has been in contact with a bunch of engineers to actually transform the use of an endoscope into something far smaller – that is to have it function in an in-socket video camera. The Eyeborg will be turned on by waving a magnet near it. When that happens, it will start to transmit a wireless video signal to a handheld LCD viewer, now how about that?

Don’t you think of it as amazing that something like this even possible? I would have thought that this is the stuff of dreams and remains in the realm of science fiction, but perhaps technology has caught up to such a degree that something like this is nothing out of the ordinary any more. After all, endoscopic cameras with wireless transmitters are pretty common these days, but it does make us wonder how the enclosure and ergonomics of the device were constructed.

A prosthetic eye is still very far away, and hopefully when it finally arrives, it will be affordable to those who need it.

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