Facial recognition to identify looters in London riotsThere is a new Google Group known as “London Riots Facial Recognition” which has appeared after the bloody riots hit London the past few days. Don’t worry, this group is not going to loot your online bank account, but rather, it intends to take advantage of facial recognition technologies in order to root out all the looters (where possible, of course) who have the “luxury” of appearing in online photos.

The group does have a considerate streak to them – some of their threads are titled “Ethical Issues,” and “Keeping Things Legal,” where they intend to use only “legal sources for images.” Sounds good, no?

There is a flipside to this situation though – what happens if sometime down the road, there is a bunch of people who would want to make use of ever-more-efficient facial recognition technologies so that they are able to dish out justice on their own accord instead of abiding by the law? We might get modern day Daredevils, sans the superhero abilities, of course.

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