Fake Flash plugin installer trojan for MacMac computers have been known to be pretty resilient against malware and virus infections, but this is not to say that they are 100% immune and have never been infected before, it’s just that when compared to Windows based computers, there seems to be fewer reports of such instances although when they do occur they do make quite the splash in the news (Mac Defender).

Now it seems that there’s a new trojan and the installer calls itself FlashPlayer complete with the Adobe Flash picture, making it look pretty legit. What the trojan does when a user has been duped into installing the bogus browser plug-in is alter the OS X host file.

New entries redirect Google queries to a server in the Netherlands which displays modified results pages and spawns pop-up windows. For now it seems that the pop-ups are blank but some are thinking that the payload the developer is getting is likely to from pay-per-click advertising, and apart from that it does not appear that the trojan will be performing other malicious activities.

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