There is nothing quite like a dry run to make sure that the final, released product will be up to par – case in point, Ford’s all-new Focus Electric driving simulator has been tested by potential drivers in order for them to give their bouquets and brickbats so that the MyFord Touch interface that will come with the vehicle will cater to most people’s preferences. The simulator will bring you on an 11-mile journey via a range of terrain which leaves no stone unturned – we’re talking about hills, cities and flat land.

The new Ford Focus Electric will come with a special extension of MyFord Touch driver connect technology that intends to keep the driver up-to-date with easy-to-understand information concerning range, destinations and charge points, so that the driver is best able to plan his/her trips in a more effective manner.

This also means you have a say in the final in-dash display for the Ford Focus Electric, where Ford engineers will take your feedback seriously and ensure they have the customers’ best interests at heart. Some of the improvements include the Brake Coach displaying the absolute amount of energy that was captured and sent back to the battery, in addition to lost energy due to friction. All in all, the new Ford Focus Electric sounds like one car worth looking into when it comes out. [Press Release]

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