Those living in Japan will be lucky enough to get their hands on the first Windows Phone 7 devices that come loaded with Mango, which will be the Fujitsu IS12T. At that time it was unknown as to when exactly Japanese customers would be able to get their hands on the Windows Phone 7 device, but thanks to a photo snagged by Tezawaly of, we now have a date, or at least a speculated one.

The photo above is captured from the Biccamera Yurakucho store in Tokyo, where an entire shelf was lined up with the Fujitsu IS12T. The device is also expected to start going on sale come August 25th which is less than a week away, and reportedly the price of the device is off-contract will be 73,500 Yen, which when converted is a whopping $958! With a two year contract it is reported to cost 35,100 Yen which is still a pretty darn steep $457.

However let’s not forget that the way things are priced in Japan is different from the US, not to mention the converted prices won’t necessarily reflect the prices if and when the device makes its way to the US.

Any of our readers from Japan excited to get their hands on the Fujitsu IS12T?

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