Facebook games can be notoriously addictive. I forgotten how many hours I have lost playing Zynga’s poker on Facebook, not to mention the infamous Farmville game where a mother reportedly killed her 3-month old baby boy for crying during her Farmville sessions.  Personally for me those Facebook gaming phases have now ended, but if you still find yourself hooked to its games then perhaps you should check out this iPad app that will allow you to play your games while on the go.

It’s called GameBox and at the moment it only seems to support two Facebook games – Digital Chocolate’s Army Attack and Zynga’s CityVille. More games are on the way according to the app’s developer and as far as the interface is concerned, it is said to look exactly as how you remember it on the Facebook version.

As we all know, Flash is not supported on the iPad so what the app does is that it takes the Flash used to create those games, renders it in the cloud, and acts as a middleman between your iPad and the game, relaying information back and forth. Sounds like a pretty good idea doesn’t it? But at the same time it seems to have entered some legal grey area, sort of like how torrent websites don’t actually host the files, but are considered to be illegal.

Let’s hope that the app developer got permission from Digital Chocolate and Zynga or we will be seeing the app pulled out of the iTunes App Store soon. For those interested, the app will cost you $2.99.

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