GameStop, the name synonymous with the place to purchase video games, has finally launched its new in-store digital PC game purchase service. First time moments are always memorable, and the game to hold the honor of kicking off the new service would be Square Enix’s Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

GameStop is already the world’s largest multichannel video game retailer, and they intend to improve themselves by making it a whole lot more convenient and easier for PC gamers to purchase new releases. Ranging from trade credit to GameStop gift cards, you are able to purchase digital PC games from your local store and access the titles immediately at launch.

According to Steve Nix, GameStop’s general manager of digital distribution, “This is a great illustration of how the digital distribution model and in-store experience really complement one another. We have seen great success selling DLC for console titles in our stores, so expanding on that model and helping customers discover digitally distributed PC games in stores is a natural fit.”

Digital purchases cut out the transportation fees as well as greenhouse effect from a truck dropping your game in front of your house, so if you love going green, then this is the right direction to head onwards. Unfortunately, there are others who still prefer the human element when doing things, hence brick and mortar stores will always have a place. [Press Release]

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