We have stealth submarines and fighter aircraft, so what about stealth boats? Granted, boats are a whole lot harder to hide when it is traveling on the open sea simply because even with a cloaking ability, you cannot dismiss the wake in the waves that it leaves behind. Well, necessity being the mother of all invention, there is a new kind of stealth boat being constructed which will be able to move quickly and stealthily through water without leaving a noticeable wake behind – thanks to the generation of a layer of gas around its underwater surfaces.

This design will be able to reduce friction by a factor of 900, at least according to the New Hampshire company that rolled out the boat. It has a particularly smooth speed that makes it perfect for special operations, where it could also change the way shipping works.

Known as the Ghost, this ship can hit a top speed of up to 60 miles per hour, where the ship itself is rather similar in shape to other radar-invisible watercraft of earlier years. Now, I do wonder whether the Ghost will be silent in addition to being deadly.

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