Are you a huge fan of the Ghostbusters movie and cartoon franchise? If you answered in the affirmative and have already picked up the Ghostbusters ghost trap from Mattel, then this might very well be your next purchase. Made with love (and that means right in the comfort of home of course), this pillow proton pack was conjured by Etsy seller JezebelRose.

This backpack will cost you $150 a pop – which is mighty expensive, even more so in the beleaguered economy at the moment. It won’t come with a ghost trap at that price either, so some of you might think of it as daylight robbery. Well, look at it this way – if you are serious enough of a Ghostbusters fan, then I suppose the seller thinks you would say the quoted price is fair enough.

Any takers for this? While it will not suck in any wayward ghosts, at least it provides a place for you to rest your head upon, especially after a particularly long, hard day at work.

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