Back when you were a student, can you remember moments when you fashioned a slingshot to irritate the heck out of your friends who were sitting in front of you in class? Of course, this marked the beginning of your engineering career – and who would have thought that this particular model that you see will actually be the current world record holder of the most powerful and largest slingshot? Measuring 10-feet long, this beast of a slingshot is capable of firing a 3″ steel ball more than 650 feet through the air.

There won’t be any gunpowder used to launch this particular projectile towards its target, but rather, the cannon will receive all of its shooting power through the stretching of two dozen – yup, you read that right, 24 Thera Band Gold exercise bands that have been locked into launch mode thanks to a winch mechanism.

No idea on what would happen if one of those bands actually snapped, but woe to your target if he/she is actually on the receiving end – accurately, of course.

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