If you’re an avid gamer and do keep abreast with the goings on of the video game console industry, surely you know by now that the Xbox 360 S from Microsoft comes in two kinds of finish – gloss and matte. Well, for those who are fans of the former, you might want to sit on a chair as I break this news to you – the glossy black Xbox 360 S will be discontinued, with your only option left being a matte finish.

Even as you read this, Microsoft is making the transition of all their Xbox 360 S consoles to a matte finish. Ah well, at least it is the Xbox 360 S that isn’t exactly a powerhouse to begin with. You know what they say – beauty is, after all, skin deep, so as long as the insides of the Xbox 360 S works as intended, I don’t think that there is much to complain about the situation.

Which do you prefer – the matte or glossy finish? I would say that giving consumers more choices might open up the market even more, since it would appeal to a wider demographic. This seems to be taking a move backwards though as, gamers are like drivers of yore – having only a black Ford Model T to choose from.

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