Google absolutely committed to Google TVWhile Google TV didn’t exactly blow everybody away when it was released, and it still has yet to wow everybody (hopefully the end of summer update changes that), people are wondering if Google still has it on top of its priority list. Eric Schmidt is here to assure us that Google TV is alive and well – and that Google has bigger plans in store for the TV platform. According to a report from Reuters, the Google Executive Chairman was quoted as saying, “We’re absolutely committed to staying, to improving Google TV”.

Google mentioned that its partners, Logitech and Sony won’t be alone when it comes to making Google TV products. There will be other companies getting on board as well, though those companies weren’t named. Other than new Google TV products, the company will also be expanding its services to Europe early next year. Google has yet to settle its problems with US networks ABC, NBC and CBS – the company is hoping that it won’t have the same issues in Europe. It’s been almost a year since Google TV was launched but it has yet to shine in the spotlight – let’s hope it won’t be too late when it finally does. How many of you across the Atlantic are keen on having Google TV?

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