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We’ve previously reported about some screenshots of Chrome OS being used in some sort of tablet-friendly mode, and now some video footage of it has surfaced. A web developer named François Beaufort recently finished compiling a software build of Chrome OS that would work on tablets, and posted a video demonstration of it online.

So what does it look like? Basically Chrome OS, except that it’s been magnified to make pressing buttons and selecting a lot easier to do with fingers. The onscreen keyboard resembles the keyboards found on Acer and Samsung Chromebooks – big keys with slightly rounded edges. The URL bar now has a horizontal menu for selecting addresses instead of the usual drop down menu, which should be easier to use with a finger.

Since it still hasn’t been announced by Google, there’s no word if the tablet-friendly version of Chrome OS will ever be released. Until then, this may just remain as a feature that never gets used – after all Google already has Android for tablets, would it need another OS to compete with itself? Watch the demo video:

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