Google+, the latest social networking initiative by the Internet search giant, has experienced an explosive growth rate that was expected, and this time around Google adds another weapon to its arsenal – which is to introduce games in Google+ down the road, something Facebook has had the upper hand in all this while. Basically, if you’re on Google+, you will now be able to enjoy games with your circles, never mind if they’re family or friends. There are already over 25 million users on Google+, and the introduction of games within the fledgling social network might provide another concrete reason to hang out among your circles instead of Facebook friends.

Facebook did not take this latest move sitting down, and in a game of tactical chess, they rolled out their game features just a few hours after Google made the announcement. In a nutshell, there are new tools introduced that makes it easier for Facebook users to bookmark their favorite game, while making sure they know just what their friends are being entertained with at the moment.

Where do you foresee your future time spent playing games on social networks? Will it be Google+ or Facebook? With Angry Birds arriving on Google+, it will definitely have its fair share of fans for sure.

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