Hackers break into thousands of company computer networksSecurity experts could be part of what they deem to be the largest coordinated attack launched to date by hackers, and to make matters more grave, this has been happening for at least five years – where said hackers have wormed their way into computer networks of thousands of companies, organizations and governments, carting away digital intellectual property, military information and state secrets in the process.

It seems that these perpetrators are most probably part of a government-sanctioned group from either Eastern Europe or East Asia – at least, that is what security analysts tell us. Talk about audacious! Dmitri Alperovitch, vice president of threat research at Internet security firm McAfee Inc. naturally voiced his strong concern, “Even we were surprised by the enormous diversity of the victim organizations and were taken aback by the audacity of the perpetrators,” citing that such theft of valuable information might represent “a massive economic threat.”

I beg to differ though, as economies worldwide are already on the ropes what with defaults being more and more common not amongst the populace, but rather, even among governments. Perhaps these hackers might find a way to funnel and share the wealth from illegally obtained money with the rest of the world’s poor?

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