HP webOS logoLet’s face it, HP’s webOS platform is doing rather dismally compared to the big boys such as iOS and Android. In terms of performance, there doesn’t seem to be much complaints but what it lacks is perhaps a solid set of native apps along with a great app market, something that iOS and Android have managed to get right.

Perhaps in a bid to expand beyond just smartphones and tablets, HP is now looking to expand webOS to other venues such as finding a place for the platform in household appliances and cars. According to the WSJ (which unfortunately requires a paid subscription to view), HP has expressed interest in taking webOS to companies without their own touch interface, for example makers of kitchen appliances and cars.

Unfortunately for HP, the WSJ isn’t too optimistic about the move to kitchen appliances due to the fact that household appliances tend to have longer life cycles compared to smartphones and tablets, meaning that 8-10 years down the line, the focus would be on whether your washing machine is still working as opposed to what sort of apps you have on it (that felt weird to say).

Cars seem like a better bet although they might have a hard time trying to convince car makers to adopt a new technology, given that most car makers already have a system in place such as Ford’s Sync technology.

What do you guys think, will a good experience with webOS integration in your car convince you to purchase a webOS smartphone or tablet?

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