Hulu Could Be Bought for $2BIt has been rumored for some time that Hulu was looking for a new owner. However, the valuation and potential buyers are still a hot topic. Although we won’t know for sure until someone actually signs a deal, the Wall Street Journal speculates that Hulu could be worth $500M to $2B (quite a range…). Of course, it is more likely that a big company buys Hulu, which has been profitable for some time. Candidates could be Amazon, Microsoft, and other heavy weight contenders.What would it mean for Hulu users? Most likely: nothing bad. I suspect that an eventual Hulu acquisition would turn out like Vudu’s sale to Walmart: Vudu has actually improved as Walmart has strong ties with media companies and the money to prop the infrastructure needed to support scaling the business.

Hulu was created by former executives from the entertainment industry, and its rise to fame is due to the fact that it was often the only internet destination to feature recently broadcasted TV shows. Hulu has been able to sign these deals because its founding team knows how Hollywood thinks and what it wants. Internet TV is mainly a business problem, although technology can improve the user experience. The Hulu project was very well executed and looks like it will pay off soon for its creators.

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