Human library loans people instead of books

This idea is clearly radical, don’t you think so? It reminds me somewhat of the Bicycle Library that we looked at recently, and it seems that those living in Surrey, B.C., might be able to borrow humans as “living books”. Yes sir, this new library that cost $36 million to construct, where it is known as the Surrey City Centre library, will open its doors to the public later this month. You can “check out” people and pick their brains about their experiences on the topic of your choice – assuming that there is someone with such expertise in the subject is available, of course. The whole idea of what seems to be a bizarre social experiment? To break down stereotypes as well as begin intelligent discussions, according to deputy chief librarian Melanie Houlden.

So far, folks with wide ranging personal experiences have already been approached, where they have agreed to volunteer for the library. The user who drops by the library can put in a request for an “expert”, where they can always carry out their conversation over at the library’s new cafe. This idea might seem familiar to those of you living across the pond simply because it had its origins in Europe, and had been applied successfully elsewhere.

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