There were rumors of a cheaper iPhone being in the pipeline after the iPhone 5 is released, as Apple wants to capture an even larger smartphone user market. Some were saying that the iPhone 3GS could fill this particular niche with 2-year old hardware, while others think it might be a totally new phone, albeit far more affordable one, that is built from scratch.

The latest round of rumors concerning this budget-friendly iPhone might end up as the “iCloud iPhone”. It seems that a trio of independent sources who claim that they are extremely familiar with Apple’s iPhone plans have let loose their lips with Apples’n’Apps, hence sparking off a fresh round of rumors. It is said that the iCloud iPhone will most probably ship with a lower amount of on-board memory (but of course), resulting in a $400 price point unlocked, meaning it will most probably be free if you want to pick it up with a customary 2-year contract.

The iCloud iPhone is said to feature somewhat similar internals specifications as the current iPhone 4 – does that mean it will also use Samsung parts aplenty within? What do you think of this rumor – is it a go or no go?

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