Apple’s multitouch gestures are well known, so much so that they have incorporated it into most of their products, i.e. iPhone, iPad, trackpads on their laptops and even creating the Magic Mouse which allowed for multitouch gestures. Well if these patents are any indication, it seems that Apple has some new ideas for multitouch gestures for use in their iOS devices.

The patent seems to be focused on “advancing iOS metaphors to a higher level”, including new interactive UI elements that will allow the user to “manipulate and organize various graphical objects”. For example they talk about being able to dig a hole in the user interface, which presumably would be a way for users to delete apps. The trap door feature would probably allow for the same thing too, or maybe allow for transferring between iOS devices.

Pretty interesting concept although we have to wonder how practical it will prove to be. I’m sure that digging a hole in your UI will take a lot longer than it would take to normally delete apps on your iOS device We’re sure that Apple will iron out the kinks if and when they decide to incorporate this feature.

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