While we can’t confirm if and when the next-generation iPhone will be arriving (some say September, some say October), what we have here is apparently a photograph of a component of the iPhone 5. To be more specific it’s the proximity sensor of the iPhone 5 which was obtained by SW-Box, a phone parts importer.

Apparently that particular component appeared in its catalogue with its design looking somewhat similar to the same component that was found in the iPhone 4 with a few exceptions. It seems that SW-Box is being very elusive as to how they managed to get their hands on the part apart from saying that their offices are very close to Foxconn’s factory in Shenzhen.

The changes in the proximity sensor, assuming it does belong to the iPhone 5, could suggest a change in the phone’s design. If you have been following iPhone 5 rumors then you’re probably aware of the conflicting rumors that are saying the iPhone 5 will keep the design of the iPhone 4, with the other rumor claiming that its design will be a total departure from the previous generation’s iPhone.

I guess for those who don’t really know much about these components, you guys will probably have a hard time trying to imagine how it could affect the overall design of the phone, but I guess that is something we will have to wait and see for ourselves.

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