KinectFusion demonstrated on video

Microsoft has recently shown off the details of a project that’s been dubbed “Kinect Fusion”. While it isn’t exactly new, reporters that saw it earlier this year weren’t allowed to record videos or take photographs at the event. However after the SIGGRAPH computer graphics conference this week, Microsoft finally released a video to show us what KinectFusion is all about – and it sure is amazing.

Here’s an explanation of what KinectFusion is about:

We present KinectFusion, a system that takes live depth data from a moving depth camera and in real-time creates high-quality 3D models. The system allows the user to scan a whole room and its contents within seconds. As the space is explored, new views of the scene and objects are revealed and these are fused into a single 3D model. The system continually tracks the 6DOF pose of the camera and rapidly builds a volumetric representation of arbitrary scenes.

It wasn’t mentioned what Microsoft intends to use this technology for but it’s safe to say it probably be used in games and Augmented Reality apps of the future. Check out the impressive demo video and see for yourself:

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