Lenovo logoUltrabooks are starting to become the rage these days, due to their slim and thin form factors, not to mention their advertised long lasting battery life. The MacBook Air is one example, with a thickness of 0.68” and an advertised battery life of 5-7 hours (depending on the model), it also comes with a pretty hefty price tag for a laptop whose specs aren’t exactly mind blowing. The good news is that if you were planning on getting your hands on an ultrabook, perhaps waiting until next year might be a good idea as Lenovo might have something for you at a cheaper price.

This is what Lenovo is hoping to avoid with their ultrabooks as they confirmed that they would be launching their series of ultrabooks in 2012. The company also said that their ultrabooks will feature a mainstream price, which is kind of vague although some are speculating that this could mean that Lenovo’s series of ultrabooks will be priced below $1,000.

According to Lenovo’s COO Rory Read, “You’ll see us introduce over the coming quarters the ability to reach mainstream price points with solutions that were only 18 months ago in premium segments. That’s just a natural evolution of the space.”

I don’t know about you, but seeing ultrabooks priced according to what they offer as opposed to the premium price they now command sounds like good news to me.

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