Ever since the telephone was invented and suitable networks of communication was established, we have been able to keep in touch with our family and friends across thousands of miles. The advent of video calls allowed us not only to hear their voice, but to see them as well while we speak. Well, here is yet another experimental piece of technology that might make long distance relationships more bearable – known as the Lullaby. Don’t fall asleep just yet – check out what the Lullaby offers in the extended post.

The Lullaby is actually a quilt that comes with illuminated patches and wireless communication capability, thanks to a team of students who hail from the University of Venice that comprises of Alberto Elizondo, Francesca Pizzutilo and Roberto Picerno. Basically, gestures and touches on one quilt will be sent and reproduced on another quilt which is on the receiving end – it doesn’t matter where the receiver is, as long as he/she is connected to the Internet over Wi-Fi.

While you aren’t able to send hugs or kisses with the Lullaby, at least you can “draw” out patterns of love and affection with it. Not as direct as a video call, but sometimes just before you sleep, seeing the Lullaby light up in a secret message that only you and your beau know of is a feeling that cannot be replicated elsewhere.

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