Microsoft discontinues support for Reader

Anybody out there who uses Microsoft Reader? Nope? Well, to the handful of you who use the app, unfortunately we’ve got some bad news for you. Microsoft has just announced in an official statement that no new content for the app will be sold after November 8th and it will end all support for the app next year. While this won’t affect all the content that you’ve already purchased and downloaded, it just means you won’t be able to download anything new, and you’ll have to look for an alternative solution for your eBook reading purposes instead.

Microsoft didn’t announce why it is discontinuing support for the app, but it’s not hard to see that in today’s saturated eBook market (Kindle, NOOK, iBooks, Google Books, etc) – it’s not exactly very easy to compete in. The app hasn’t been updated sice 2007 for the desktop while its mobile version was last updated in 2009, so I guess it’s safe to say we saw it coming. RIP Microsoft Reader, it was great knowing you.

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