Don’t you just love the wonders of miniaturization? That’s exactly what happened with the Mini Maggie from Magnepan – where it will come in the form factor of a flat panel speaker, although it will be extremely small in stature, hence its namesake. The Mini Maggie from Magnepan will more or less utilize similar technology which can be found in the 2-meter tall MG-3.7, although it seems to have gone through a shrinking machine, being sized appropriately for use on the average table top.

As the quality of bass traditionally is associate with the size of a particular speaker system, the Mini Maggie is said to be a 2.1 system – where it will sport a separate panel woofer that will make sure your bass needs are fulfilled.

The majority of flat panel speakers will require plenty of juice to keep them powered, and the Mini Maggie is no different, but at least you can be assured that your ears are in for a treat. After all, the Mini Maggie had better deliver considering you fork out around $1,500 for each set.

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