Mini RFID device holds your medical dataWhen it comes to getting the right kind of medical attention during an emergency, you would need to inform whoever is attending to you on the allergies that you have lest you be given medication which you’re allergic to, hastening your demise in the process. Now what happens if you’re knocked unconscious and cannot inform anyone around you on what you can take and what you cannot?

This is where Asahi Kasei ‘s mini RFID device comes in handy – this healthcare product can be attached to your cell phone just like one of those fancy charms, except that this might help save your life instead of just looking pretty. As long as the medical personnel on hand has a PC or smartphone, they can access all medical data on the RFID device.

Asahi Kasei relies on the FeliCa smart card technology at the moment – makes sense though, since this system has already seen a wide level of adoption by all of Japan’s mobile carriers, a bunch of major PC manufacturers and a handful of other companies. Guess releasing it outside of Japan would prove to be trickier than normal…

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