Firefox Aurora/BetaDon’t you hate it when you install a program, and it unknowingly installs a browser add-on in your browser for you even though you didn’t select the option to? (Skype, I’m looking at you). Well if you’re a Firefox user, we’ve got some great news. Mozilla has announced that Firefox add-ons won’t simply end their way onto your browser without your approval.

Each time the browser starts up, if it detects a new add-on that’s been installed by a program, it will disable the add-on and present the user with a dialog box asking them if they would like to keep the add-on disabled or give Firefox permission enable it. This way, Mozilla ensures that unauthorized, privacy-invading add-ons are going to be an issue of the past. The add-on blocking feature will debut next week with Firefox Aurora beta, so it’ll be awhile more before it makes it to the stable build.

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