Mozilla wants to get rid of Firefox version numbersIt looks like Mozilla wants to get rid of the version numbers that you see in the About page in Firefox. Aza Dotzler, the director of Firefox at Mozilla recently told The Inquirer that their long term strategy is to remove the version numbers from the About screen. While this doesn’t mean that they won’t be releasing anymore updates to the web browser, their intention is to make sure that everybody is always running the latest version of Firefox.

Users are currently protesting such a move, saying it will be difficult to troubleshoot problems when they’re having issues with a certain version of the browser. I guess with everybody running the same version of the app, it shouldn’t be an issue anymore, but not everybody is on the latest version of the browser: especially in enterprise environments where regular users won’t have the permission to update the browser on their own.

What do you think about the Firefox version number? Would it matter to you or you couldn’t care less; just as long as they continue supporting the browser and steadily release updates and bug fixes?

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