When one rides a motorbike, you are expected to sit on it – and not stand, unless of course, you are some sort of stuntman who has mad skills and want to entertain your audience. Well, Performance Concepts’ 2011 MXB Shocker motocrossboard is definitely something different, since this is a hand-controlled two-wheel electric vehicle which does seem to resemble the love child of a snowboard and a dirt bike.


Fast forward to today, and you have a quartet of 2012 Shocker models which can be pre-ordered, and to sweeten the deal, the new models are lighter and less expensive compared to its predecessor.

In order to steer the Shocker, you will need to shift your weight using your heels or toes, similar to how a snowboard functions. There is also a handheld unit that is connected to the vehicle via a flexible strap which allows you to control the throttle and brake.

It is said that the Shocker is a whole lot easier to learn how to navigate compared to a snowboard or surfboard, and with the 2012 Shocker tipping the scales at just 67 pounds, it can hit a top speed of 18 mph, with the two battery pack options that accompany it will provide you with a range of 36 miles. Prices range from $1,699 to $2,399, depending on the kind of model you’re looking at.

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