Moby: Private Location Sharing App with Battery Life Optimization


Moby is Foursquare or Google Latitude for families: it is a totally private location-sharing service. Parents can see where their kids are (in real-time) on a map, and the alert button allows users to request help with a quick tap. The app will then send notifications to pre-determined contacts regarding the users’ location and need for assistance. This service is useful for coordinating friends or family meet-ups and for ensuring the safety of your close relatives.

Moby for iPhone was launched on May 31st and Contigo Systems, the developer, is working on the Android version.  The Canada-based company is a leading provider of enterprise location-based applications since 2002, and it has sold tens of thousands of GPS devices.

Its long-time expertise in location technology has allowed Contigo Systems to significantly improve the energy efficiency of Moby. We all know that location-based services (LBS) on mobile are power hungry, especially tracking applications that generate data every few seconds with real-time updates sent to the server.

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Moby will preserve battery life while in idle mode, meaning when the application is still running in the background but is not sharing or receiving locations. According to Contigo Systems, power consumption has been optimized when location sharing is active as well. When battery level drops to 30%, to ensure that other services like phone calls and emails are not interrupted, Moby send a warning and suspends the use of the app, but the user has the choice to keep Moby active.

Moby is free to download in the iTunes store:


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