Name Nokias next Windows Phone 7 handsetOne of Nokia’s Windows Phone 7 devices, the Sea Ray, will not be making its way to the US, but not to worry as Nokia still has plans on launching their slew of Windows Phone 7 devices in the American market, and why wouldn’t they? 

Perhaps in a bid to make up for the fact that the Sea Ray won’t be hitting our shores or perhaps a clever marketing ploy, it appears that Nokia has created a poll as to what YOU think their next WP7 handsets will be named.

If you’re interested in participating in the poll, just head on down here and select your choices. At the moment it looks like the Nokia “Phoenix” seems to be in the lead, and a rather fitting name what with rising from the ashes and all. Other popular choices seem to be “Elite”, “Metro”, “Genesis” and “Fusion”.

It’s a pretty clever marketing tactic employed by Nokia in order to make their customers feel like they’re involved in the decision-making process, but as to whether they actually follow through remains to be seen.

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