Bacteria transforms newspapers into gasoline alternativeScientists from Tulane University have managed to stumble across a newly discovered bacteria that might just change the way you drive – as this bacteria is able to transform organicmaterials into butanol, which is actually a gasoline alternative. Professor David Mullin who leads the team realized that this kind of bacteria is found in animal droppings, where it will need to be cultivated and developed in a way where it can produce butanol” directly from cellulose.

After all, cellulose is found in all green plants, so to make full use of that might just do its bit in reducing our dependence on processed black gold, which is the stuff you pump into your gas-powered car. Of course, electric car owners need not worry about it. Interestingly enough, the US has at least 323 million tons of cellulosic materials thrown out annually, whereas it could have been better used in the production of butanol

Since cellulose can also be found in paper, it must be noted that the team has already successfully performed tests with old newspapers, making a newspaper powered car not so far off in the future, no?

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