Nissan Leaf assists whiskey distillerWhat does an electric car and a whiskey distiller have anything to do with one another? Yeah, we thought so, too. Well, things might change in the future – with a solitary whiskey producer actually mulling over plans to be completely carbon-free, where the missing component is an electric vehicle.

Scotland based single-malt whiskey distiller Bruichladdich on the Island of Islay decided to settle on the Nissan Leaf recently, making the brewery one of the greenest around the planet. At present, this 130-year-old distillery grows its own organic barley, which in turn will be used to keep local cows well fed after being turned in draff, and the watery pot ale will be converted to biogas – thence powering an electric generator.

Since the entire plant is biogas-powered, the distiller is able to juice up its Nissan Leaf from a 100% renewable resource. This would make each business trip to the mainland an eco-friendly one, although it must be noted that with the Leaf’s range of 110 miles on a full charge, that isn’t enough for the Leaf to make it to Glasgow.

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