We all probably know by now that Nokia will be releasing a series of Windows Phone 7 based smartphones. For those who are unfamiliar, Nokia has dropped Symbian and MeeGo platforms in favor of Windows Phone 7. Their reason behind this is because according to an email supposedly by Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop, carriers prefer Windows Phone 7 over Symbian or MeeGo.

While the validity of the email is questionable, it’s no secret that Nokia is quickly losing out to iOS and Android in terms of smartphone market share, which is why they decided to hop on board Windows Phone 7 as their platform of choice.

Back in June Stephen Elop showed off a device running on Windows Phone 7 which was dubbed “Sea Ray”, which many assumed would be Nokia’s first Windows Phone 7 device.  Well as it turns out there are now rumors circulating that are saying that the “Sea Ray” will not be making its way to the US. Given that the Nokia N9 won’t be made available in the US, and now the Sea Ray too? What is going on?

The rumors are also saying that while the US won’t be getting the “Sea Ray”, Verizon Wireless will be getting a high-end Nokia WP7 device while AT&T and T-Mobile will be getting something a bit more mid-ranged. Unfortunately for now all we know about Nokia’s WP7 devices is the Sea Ray, so it would be interesting to see what sort of high-end WP7 device Nokia will be delivering into Verizon’s hands (assuming the rumors are true, of course).

Anyone else disappointed by the rumors that the “Sea Ray” won’t be making its way to the US?

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