Having an iPad (or its sequel) is fine and dandy, but spare a thought for the visually impaired – surely they are unable to experience what you have been rambling on about, and to grasp the concept of Angry Birds through words (and mooncakes) might be far too difficult. Hopefully a concept like the Omnifer iPad case can roll out sooner rather than later, where it intends to turn the iPad into a far more accessible device for the visually impaired, where it will create a space which raises up Braille characters, according to what is shown on the screen.

This is totally different from putting on a Braille keyboard on top of the iPad’s virtual keyboard, as the Omnifer will rely on gas to expand the Braille up and down, depending on the kind of light signals it detects from the screen itself. Of course, this would mean specific apps need to be in place before the whole setup can run properly, but imagine the possibilities if the Omnifer iPad case were to be made reality. White knight investors, are you reading this?

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