It’s no secret that OmniVision is the company responsible for providing the camera sensors that Apple uses for their iPhones and iPads, and it seems that company may have accidentally revealed the sensor that could be used the next-generation iPad and iPod.

With the iPhone 4 seeing a release before the iPad 2, and with the device sporting an upgraded camera with flash and a retina display, many naturally assumed that the iPad 2 would be seeing similar features hit the tablet as well, but unfortunately the display of the iPad 2 remained the same, while its camera was less than spectacular, which I’m sure disappointed many fans.

The new sensor by OmniVision is the OV9770 which is essentially an upgrade of the company’s OV8850, and the upgrade which could be making its way to the iPad 3 and next-generation of iPods may finally put some of those camera complaints to rest.

Low-light conditions are really horrible to snap photographs in unless you have a fast lens or if there’s the aid of flash, and since the iPad has neither, the upgrade in camera sensor is reported to see a 20% increase in performance in low-light conditions. On top of that it will also improve overall color quality and noise levels.

No word on if we will actually see this make it into the iPad 3 or next-generation iPod, but given that its size remains the same as its predecessor, we don’t see why not. Word has it that production samples have already been given out and production is expected to start fall.

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