There is something for everyone online – it is basically a smorgasbord of information, but it really depends on you to find the right site as it can get rather treacherous if you do not know how to look specifically for what you want. Men who grew up seeing their dad and grandfather lose their hair bit by bit might have more than a passing interest in whether they have inherited this particular trait. How else better to do it than via an online baldness calculator which claims that it can determine the percentage of you losing your hair? Not only that, it goes one step further by letting you see just how your noggin’ looks like without it.

This online baldness calculator will require you to answer a bunch of questions first, before you let the calculator finish up the job. For those who are more adventurous, you can always upload a photo of yourself and let the software visualize just how you would look like sans hair.

It seems that caffeine is not recommended if you want to keep your hair intact, so cut down on the five cups of daily coffee already! Live a relaxed life, don’t get stressed up – especially concerning whether you will still have a head full of hair by the time your kids leave for college.

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