Many webOS developers may move to Windows PhoneDespite the heartbreaking news of HP terminating its webOS products – not everybody’s feeling down about it. Microsoft recently took advantage about the situation and extended a hand to webOS developers by offering free phones, dev tools and training. In just 22 hours after the announcement was made, over 500 developers expressed their interest in jumping onboard the Windows Phone development team, surely with many more on the way.

While Windows Phone has already shown tremendous signs of growth in the app department, the addition of 500+ developers to its developer army would help ensure the app ecosystem reach the coveted “largest app store” status in no time (assuming it continues to grow at its breakneck speed).  Either way, all’s fair in the battle for mobile operating supremacy, and nobody’s stopping the other platforms from doing the same thing. The best part about this news is that webOS-only developers won’t be out of work for long – assuming they do make the switch over to WP.

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