PlayStation Vita delayed until 2012 for folks in the WestBoy, is this a piece of wet blanket news – when we read about Sony’s PlayStation Vita (PS Vita for short) hitting the FCC and gaining its approval, we were rather pleased, as it normally signals a release that tends to happen sooner rather than later. Well, word has it that the PS Vita will start rolling out this year, although it won’t be a global one.

PlayStation head honcho Kaz Hirai has just revealed that the PlayStation Vita will hit the Land the of Rising Sun (that’s Japan, in case your geography isn’t up to scratch) this year, while the Americas and Europe will have to wait until next year. Of course, next year would mean you will have to play the guessing game as to the exact date where you will have to make 366 guesses at most for the correct answer.

According to Hirai, “We packed so much into the device and made it very affordable. There is no need to lower the price just because somebody else that happens to be in the video game business decided that they were going to lower their price.” Guess that means there won’t be any 3DS style price cut in the near future, either.

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